Costing & Execution

For purposes of efficiency and accuracy, and also to process large volume of data, the manpower employed on such projects is considerably low, thereby having a direct impact in the costing of such, as compared to manual involvement at all stages.

Even partial automation would be erroneous and time consuming, and if the analyses would need to be re-done or re-worked would involve considerable amounts of precious little time.

Comparatively, our highly automated reporting system can create nearly any combination of tables, charts and/or graphs, all with fast turnaround, low cost, and the highest quality.Clients are charged based on design and content of each page, versus man hours involved for automation of such.

Execution - after compiling, analyzing, and reading the data, deliverance is within 7 days subject to client approval at each stage.


Qualified personnel, vastly experienced in providing solutions to market research organisations.

Workflow transfers at each level, ensuring efficient time management at each executive level.

Efficient analysis and training team who corroborate and comprehend the client requirements and align the workforce in-tune to sensibilities.

Data confidentiality and security strictly ensured and reinforced to all personnel at each level.

Integrated and highly-secure FTP services which makes sure no client is left waiting for uploads or downloads.