Interactive Charts

Pictorials speak a thousand words, and hence interactive graphs and charts drawn in scale to the data analysed better illustrate the information to be gained.
Data contained in a multitude of pages and dimensions can be assimilated into a single chart, expressed through applications such as Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, MS Word and HTML.

Such pictorials not only simplify understanding, but also, with the aid of dropdown menus/selection boxes/menus access information that would need to be stored in numerous static pages and documents.

We provide you with dashboard and scorecard options to go directly from raw data sources such as transaction systems, market research surveys, financial performance reports, etc. to interactive presentations that can be presented and discussed within a team and between different teams.With such automation, you can spend more time concentrating on building your business rather than wading through a sea of charts and data.


Qualified personnel, vastly experienced in providing solutions to market research organisations.

Workflow transfers at each level, ensuring efficient time management at each executive level.

Efficient analysis and training team who corroborate and comprehend the client requirements and align the workforce in-tune to sensibilities.

Data confidentiality and security strictly ensured and reinforced to all personnel at each level.

Integrated and highly-secure FTP services which makes sure no client is left waiting for uploads or downloads.