Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act

Girahsys relates to the client's concerns of data storage and security, and strictly enforces HIPAA regulations.Each member of the team needs to sign a HIPAA acknowledgement, and the team is educated at regular intervals through seminars and presentations regarding the importance and gravity of HIPAA regulations.
Moreover, physical security measures such security guards, biometric devices, CCTV cameras, are duly in place with strict round the clock monitoring.The usage of detachable data-storage devices is prohibited in working areas.A dedicated network/IT security team ensures appropriate Firewall placements, SPAM filtration, virus alerts, etc.
The team also is served with a separate server, supplied by 2 separate Internet lines, ensuring smooth workflow under all circumstances. All these parameters are governed by a dedicated HIPAA Compliance officer who keeps a constant vigil on all key areas.


Document and data confidentiality and security strictly maintained.
100+ Highly qualified Medical Transcriptionists, Editors, and Quality Assessors.
Ability to handle dictations of any specialty of medicine, pertaining to any report/worktype.
Integrated FTP services for automatic file upload/download.
Workflow management instantly transfers dictations to appropriate Transcriptionist.
Well-trained workforce with abilities to handle both online and offline platforms.
Supports document format of .TXT,.DOC,.WPD.
Choice of 6,12,24,48 hours turn-around time.
An in-house efficient training program, ensuring a constant supply of MT's.
Qualified trainers conducting Continuing Medical Education programs regularly to update the workforce.